Directory of Ministries and Organizations Safety/Building and Grounds Ministry is focused on the safety of our Parish, 
environment, Protecting God’s Children, accommodating special needs, 
handicap/disabled members, buildings, and grounds. Another focus will be the 
development of a comprehensive safety plan that will include parish education and 
communication programs for First Aid and rescue assistance. The last area of 
focus will be on grounds and maintenance for new construction and renovation as well 
as existing maintenance of buildings and grounds. 
Members of this Ministry will also make recommendations for maintenance and 
repairs of the physical property of the parish. They will make recommendations on 
necessary or preventative maintenance for services and repairs. Depending upon the 
nature of the work and the cost, they will work through providing these 
recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council who will collaborate with the Finance 
Council to identify funding. Members of this Ministry may also be asked to 
join/collaborate with the Parish Garden/Flower Club. 

Requirements: **Parish member, willing to attend monthly meetings throughout the 
liturgical year (10-12 meetings/year). 
Ministry Chair: Scott Moore

Time change is coming up March 11th.     Time to stock up on batteries and change those in your smoke alarms, CO alarms & flashlights when we change our clocks  back.  Check smoke alarms (monthly) by pushing test button.  If 10 yrs. old replace them.  Check CO alarms and directions for replacement (generally 5 yrs.).  Review your fire escape plan with your family & review operation instructions and check your fire extinguishers.

Scott A. Moore - Chairperson Safety Ministry