Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The Outreach Ministry seeks to establish our presence in the community, 
contributing to humanities, service projects, local community work, and fallen away 
members. This Ministry will inspire and initiate programs that address the practical 
and spiritual needs of the Parish and community. Some of the areas of focus will be: 
activities and programs for shut-ins, fallen away Catholics, the sick in hospitals and 
nursing homes, prisons, and the disabled. This Ministry will also promote work for 
support groups to help the widowed, separated, divorced, and help support victims of 
terminal illness and loss as well as the indigent population. This Ministry will also be 
responsible for the Bereavement Group volunteers, provides Eucharistic Ministers 

Requirements: **Parish member, willing to attend monthly meetings throughout the 
liturgical year (10 meetings/year). 

Ministry Chair: Laynee Zipko