Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The Worship Ministry shall address the spiritual needs of the Parish and reflect on 
ways to foster on-going renewal, prayerful liturgy, and a sense of presence of God in the 
life of the Parish (lectors, EM, Choir). The mission of this Ministry is to spread and live 
the Good News of Jesus Christ. A major goal is to celebrate the sacramental life of the 
Catholic Church. The main outcome of this goal is the active participation of the Parish 
in the Eucharistic celebration. A major effort will be made to continue educating the 
Parish and community about the teachings and traditions of Jesus, as well as the 
traditions of the Catholic Faith. 

This effort will be made by the entire parish community, particularly those people who 
are actively involved in the liturgical ministries. When the faith of the parish and the 
community is alive and well, then the parish community will be able to accomplish the 
mission of the liturgical need Jesus has proclaimed in the Gospel and is celebrated 
within the sacraments. 

The focus of this Ministry will be to respond to the liturgical needs of the parish, 
provide the warmth and reception to all who attend the liturgy, and work to improve 
the quality of liturgical planning. 

The Worship Ministry seeks volunteers who are willing to serve in any of the ministries 
coordinated by the Worship Ministry, including: Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, 
Ushers, and Parish Choir. 

Requirements: **Parish member, willing to attend monthly meetings and bi-monthly 
meetings at peak times throughout the liturgical year (10 meetings/year). 

Ministry Chair: Deacon Tony Mobley