Father's Travelogue

Father left the United States on January 15, 2015 for Mexico. He is traveling to Guadalajara to stay at a seminary and study Spanish at the University there. He is planning on being back to Miraculous Medal by February 15. We're pretty sure he meant 2015 when he told us that.

Here he is wishing us a good-bye as he set off for his journey.

This is Juan Paulo welcoming Fr Carmen to Mexico. Father Carmen helps us with a translation of Juan Paulo’s welcome.

Father Carmen and Juan Paulo had time to visit a local mall. Paulo will tell us a little about a local ice cream maker, while Father translates.

Father Carmen shares with us a panorama of the minor seminary where he is staying. Thankfully, he presents this one in English. Yeah!!

Father Carmen enthuses over the beauty of Lake Chapala. Juan Paulo will translate this time. (Ignore the misspelling in the video - all Don's fault! Perdón, Paulo.)

Here is Father Carmen with his Spanish language professor, Pedro Barba Nuño

On the streets of Guadalajara, Father Carmen tests his newly acquired skills in language on a pair of totally random, thoroughly unsuspecting gentlemen. I understood what Father said to them, so it must have been pretty basic. (spoiler alert: He said to them: "hello.")

Father takes some time out of his hectic schedule to visit the quaint town of Tlaquepaque. Unfortunately, in this case, his language acumen fails him somewhat ...

The seminarian, Alejandro, was kind of enough to have Father to his home for a meal and wonderful company.

After Father's return in mid-February, we had our inaugural Mass to begin our weekly celebration in Spanish. After the Mass, we were treated to traditional Mexican dances. It was great fun!