Welcome to Youth Ministry!

Coordinator of Youth & Family Outreach and Social Justice Ministries: 
Rachel Krofcheck      (724) 531-0849

Our parish is passionate about our young people and is excited to embark on a new chapter of youth ministry! Our youth program, Youth Made Movement, is a multi-church, multi-cultural small group setting where teens encounter Christ and one another. We meet Monday nights from 6-7:30 at St Hilary School. Please see our upcoming events tab for meeting dates.

Our Vision Statement: 

Seeking to grow discipleship within the next-generation, OLMM Youth Ministry guides young people to relationship with God, and one another, so that they will continue to spread the love of Jesus.

Our Mission Statement:

Form Community. Engage in Service. Grow in Formation. Explore Spirituality.

Online Resources

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Upcoming Meetings:

3/12 6-7:30 PM St Hilary School
3/19 6-7:30 PM St Hilary School

Service Hours Opportunities:

Friday Fish Fry 4-7:30 PM CCD Center
Join us every Friday during Lent! Please contact Rachel if you plan on attending.

Special Events:

3/22 Silver Ring Thing 7-9 PM Seton LaSalle HS
Young people today are confronted with many images of sexuality and conflicting messages of morality through the media, internet, and society.  Yet, the Church’s teachings on love and sexuality remain constant in the following of Christ.  The Silver Ring Thing Catholic Edition is a high-tech, high-energy performance that educates teens about the benefits of pursuing the virtue of chastity, and the dangers of promiscuous behavior.  All teens and parents are invited to attend our live event on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at Seton LaSalle High School from 7-9pm.  With dramas, videos, special effects, and speakers, teenagers will be motivated in a unique and personal way to choose to commit to both God by remaining chaste.  Parents, join us for a special parent meeting at 7pm.  For further information, please visit: