Directory of Ministries and Organizations

The Faith Formation/Education Ministry seeks ways to educate and pass our faith to 
youth and promotes on-going education for adults searching for the truth of the Gospel 
message of Jesus Christ. This includes elementary through high school, Youth Groups 
and Youth Ministry, and Adult education. 

Faith Formation supports a lifelong commitment to spiritual and academic growth 
through community interaction, study, prayer, and sacramental celebration which 
should culminate in a life-style reflecting the Gospel and life of Jesus Christ. It strives for 
a productive, trusting relationship between students, families, teachers and staff. 9 
The Faith Formation Ministry is focused on the religious education and Christian 
Formation for parish members of all ages. Through research and ministry work, this 
Ministry keeps parishioners informed about goals, policies, content and resources of 
the Christian Formation program. This Ministry works closely with the Catechetical 
Administrator, Youth Group/Ministry Coordinator, and RCIA Coordinator. 

Requirements: **Parish member, willing to attend monthly meetings throughout the 
liturgical year (10 meetings/year). 

Ministry Chair: Rosalie Eckels